Dennis Feeney


Dennis Feeney, bass and vocals; JD Stefan, guitar, keys and drums; Matthew Thayer, guitar and background vocals
Music and lyrics by Dennis Feeney


She walks into twilight

Taking in the starlight

and birds in final flight

before bedding down for the night


Long grass and peeling paint

Nature's wear and wildness came

Stirring something in her soul

She set aside long ago


In this aniline light

What she knows of wrong and right

Won’t slip away

Won’t slip away


How often do we beat back

dreams kept like secrets in paper sacks?

Stuffed underneath the bed

but still beating in our hearts

and in our heads


She confesses to the fireflies

What glimmers isn’t so bright

and what grips me isn’t too tight

That I can’t break free

from the web I weave