Dennis Feeney

Sacrament of Eve

Dennis Feeney, bass and vocals; JD Stefan, guitar, keys and drums; Matthew Thayer, guitar and background vocals
Music and lyrics by Dennis Feeney


In New York City she gave me a cross and I carry it to this day 

Carved from the branch of an olive tree, her shade deepens with age

So simple, so beautiful; in its structure lies her grace

No more will I ramble, I’m taking it to my grave


In the west she gave me space to come into my own

Where the sky turns to embers when the day’s done

The desert is a part of me, a wild burning symphonyIt echoes like a chorus; a Sacrament of Eve


With you

I feel brand new

With you


I toss a dollar to gypsies for pennies in Heaven

How selfish is that?

To spend eternity in love’s haven

And how selfish is that?

But softly she whispers to me, “don’t take it so seriously,”

“We all stumble, we all bleed, then we rise up from our knees.” 


With you

I feel brand new

With you


Through the window, the scent of rain infused in the breeze

As the day melds with sleep, her memory touches me 

I love the way the light pulls objects from the black

Like water drawn from a well, her love pulls me back


With you 

I feel brand new

With you