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Dennis Feeney: Photos

a relaxing afternoon!
Cool shot of JD's strat and the Ric... nice color coordination!
David and JD creating a great groove ... nice acoustics at the High Note
JD and Dennis
Dennis w/ Ric
David Gluck and JD Stefan getting ready to rock the High Note.
JD says, " ... perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them ... "
High Note Cafe, February 2015
JD Stefan
Matthew Thayer
JD at the helm of Catwerk Music
with JD Stefan and Matthew Thayer at Catwerk Music
Matthew Thayer and me arranging "A Long Goodbye"
The new album cover!
with Skyward Down and my Stonetree P bass
Skyward Down (JD Stefan, Kerrie Meacham and me) at RAW Artists, Boise, summer 2012
Boise, Idaho 2012
Mark McKay Band in Philadelphia
Recording at the Mix House in Boise.
At Bias Recording Studios (Virginia) with The Slow Burn
The Slow Burn (Paul D'Andrea, Ted Donat, Dale Juarbe and me) gigging at a Golf Tournament in Virginia
The Slow Burn
At the Ram's Head Roadhouse near Annapolis, Maryland (photo by Melissa Clarke ... thanks, Melissa!)
Here's a picture of the Den Dogs!  Aric Hageman, Dave Eisenhauer and me after we played our gig at the Lakeside Lounge, NYC.  What a blast!
Shane Wallace's cover art for the Den Dogs album.  Nice work, Shane!