Dennis Feeney

Song of Hope

Dennis Feeney and the Den Dogs
Music and lyrics: Dennis Feeney


We're not meant to see beyond today These forecasts shouldn't change our way I know we're never far behind We're hangin' on a prayer And we might run outta time What I seek is a way out of the grind I'm tired in my body and my mind So I'm leavin' my comforts far behind Gotta make a difference for a world in such a bind I'm gonna sing a song of hope I'm gonna fall to my knees and pray, May the morning sun open up our eyes to a brand new way I'm gonna sing a song of hope To quell this sea of rage And let all souls come to know The peace we can see someday How much are we willin' to give? Can we leave those lives we've come to live? 'cause I know, we'll never miss a dime And there's nothin' that'll ever change my mind