Dennis Feeney


Dennis Feeney and the Den Dogs
Music and lyrics: Dennis Feeney


Randy met Judi in '95 It was true love he couldn't deny ... he couldn't deny So one day they strolled outta town He got on his knees and turned her world upside down ... upside down Gil met Leena the year before Couldn't leave his gig when she needed more ... when she needed more So one night he ran away Doesn't know it now, but he'll regret it one fine day ... one fine day Hey, hey it's okay Take my hand and we'll fly away Hey, hey don't you know We'll climb back up and let it go Hey, hey don't be afraid We'll hit the ground and we'll run away Hey, hey don't you know It all comes down through vertigo Bonnie met Floyd at the burger stand She said, if he can't do it for me no one can ... he was her man It was the first time she'd been in love It felt like God smilin' from above ... down from above