"Ghost in the machine" is now live!   

Hello, friends!  "Ghost in the machine" is a periodic video blog that Dennis produces with his dear friend, Joe Zenk.  Each episode we pick one song from our past that has terrific meaning in our lives.  For episode one, Joe's pick is "A prayer for the dying" by Seal.  Head over to the Video tab to view, and we hope you enjoy our discussion!  

Radiodust's new album "A.O.R." released! 

Radiodust's new album, "A.O.R.", is available for purchase through iTunes, Amazon, Google or wherever you get your music.  John "JD" Stefan (guitar and vocals), Todd Sprague (drums and vocals) and Dennis Feeney (bass and vocals) had a blast making this record.  We hope you dig it!  Our next goal is to schedule some shows to play our songs live.  

Shows with The Smites: A Smiths Experience 

I'm so excited to be playing with The Smites!  We have two upcoming shows opening for Strangelove - the Depeche Mode experience from Los Angeles):  

  • Thursday, March 28th, Metro Music Hall, Salt Lake City
  • Friday, March 29th, Revolution Concert House, Boise 

 See our calendar for full details.  

Faith Healers at High Note Cafe 


My new band, Faith Healers with Johnny Butler (guitar, vox), Jennifer Fife (violin) and Tony Songer (drums) will perform our debut show at the High Note Café in downtown Boise on Saturday, February 24th.  The show starts at 7 pm.  We hope to see you there for great food, drinks ... and music!  



Radiodust to play BoDo 

Radiodust will perform at the District Coffee House in downtown Boise (BoDo) on Saturday, July 22nd.  Can't wait to debut our new material!  Sure hope you can join us. See the calendar for more information.


"R U Ready 2 Rock?!"  Yes, yes I am.  Remember that great BÖC song?  I'm fortunate to be playing bass and doing some singing in Radiodust, an all original rock band with JD Stefan (guitar and vocals) and Todd Sprague (drums and vocals).  We're eager to share our new songs and hope to do so in the coming months.  Stay tuned! 

New album is released 

We've released our new album, "A Long Goodbye," featuring Dennis Feeney, Matthew Thayer, JD Stefan, and Jennifer Fife.  Visit our music page and the store for more information!  

Work continues on new album! 

I'm fortunate to be working with Matt Thayer and JD Stefan on my new album!  We're making progress and hope to be done by summer 2014.  More updates to follow!  

Late New Year's Resolution 

Here's a late New Year's Resolution of mine: I will stop biting-off more than I can chew given my already packed schedule which results in me ungracefully backing-out of commitments alienating both friends and new acquaintances in the process. In a nutshell, do fewer things better. (You'd think I would have learned this about thirty years ago, but better late than never.)